Note on choreographies:  All of choreographies that I teach are my own original choreographies.   

Choose your courses from the following menu. The difficulty level of each course is indicated by the letters B, I and A.

Beginning topics = B:  These topics are suited to brand new students and those who have been taking lessons for
approximately 1 – 2 years.

Intermediate topics = I:  Requirements: correctly execute basic isolations, play simple zill patterns while traveling,
and be familiar with veil work.

Advanced topics = A:  Requirements: successfully layer and execute isolations, command complex zill patterns,
display complex hip and veil work. 3 + yrs. experience.

The numbers of hours required to teach each course is indicated.  

1 ¼ hrs. - private/semi-private lesson.

2 hrs. -  2 hr. private/semi-private lesson.

3-hrs. -  “Workshops When You Want’Em” or “Bring Miramar to Your Hometown”                       

New Student Special: Two private lessons with Miramar (1 ¼ hrs.) scheduled at your convenience, Sands of Time
Studio, Cross Junction, VA for only $65.00. This will prepare you to enter an existing BellyBasic class. Special is
prepaid only and non-refundable.  

On-Going Group Classes in Cross Junction and Stephens City, Virginia.

Cost:  $68.00 (1 ¼ hr. long classes) six week sessions.

New students may be required to take the New Student Special above when joining an existing class.  

$5 off if paid by discount date.  

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Pick a 1 ¼ or 2 hr. topic.  Private or up to six students - bring your friends!  Special - 10 percent off six weeks of
classes. Held at  Cross Junction, Virginia location.

3 hour topics or combine 2 hr. with a 1 ¼ hr. topic.  Scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.  Bring your friends,
save money and have fun! Choreographed written routine and/or detailed notes included. Cost for one student:
$95.00, Two students: $60 each, Three students: $50 each, Four or more students: $40 each  

Isolations Review (B,I,A): Non-stop review of isolations from Head Slides to Arabic Camels in the American Cabaret
Style.  1¼ hrs.

Strictly Isolations (B,I,A): Same as above but more in depth. 2 hrs.

Turkish Chiftetelli  (B,I,A): Isolations with a Turkish Twist. Unique moves for Turkish.

Shifti Chifti (I): Unique isolation combinations combine in a choreographed dance routine: Shifti Chifti by Uncle
Mafufu. 1¼ hrs.

Timeless Taxim and the Chiftetelli Beat (I): Choreography to Habebe, Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman music,
plus Taxim exploration. 3 hrs.

Layering Isolations (I,A): Complex layering of movement. 2 hrs.

Hands & Arms (B,I): Graceful hand and arms to enhance your dance. Top Ten Arm Movements + Arm Paths! 1¼ hrs.

Elegant Floor Work (I): Add interest to your cabaret routines with safe, graceful and strong floor moves. 1¼ hrs.    

Egyptian Beledi Taqsim: (I,A): Beautiful movements for the slow part of Egyptian Beledi and Raqs Sharqi.    


Traveling Steps with Basic Zills (B,I): 4 Traveling Steps and 4 basic zill patterns will get you moving across the
floor! 1¼ hrs.

Zill Playing with Movement Combinations (B,I): Zill patterns combined with movement combinations. 1¼-2 hrs.

Drum Solo Technique (B&I): Hip drops, locks, pops plus 10 ways to shimmy! 1¼ or 2 hrs.

Spicy Hips (I,A): ¾ shimmy 2 different directions, FMB shimmy, Lebanese shimmy + beautiful arms. 1¼ or 2 hrs.

Fortune & Fame Drum Solo (I): Short and sweet! Includes technique. Choreography. 1¼ hrs.

6/8 Drum Solo (I,A): Non-stop shimmy drum solo. Music by Pangia.  Choreography. Includes technique. 2hrs.   

Tabla Drum Solo: (I,A):  Wonderful, challenging drum solo movements and combinations for Beledi drum solo.
Egyptian technique.
hrs-3 hrs.


Veil Maneuvers (B&I): All the basic veil moves with emphasis on making the veil your dance partner! 1¼ hrs.

Double Veil Technique (I): 2 veil envelopes, circular & straight veil. 1¼-2 hrs.

Circular Veil Technique (I,A): Unique & exciting wraps and moves! 2 hrs.

Coktail Om Kalsoum Double Veil (A): Choreography to Amany music. Lots of spinning! 3 hrs.

Endless Festival Opening Number (I,A): Choreography with Veil on head combined with zills! 2 hrs.

Miserlou (I,A): Choreography to Pangia’s Miserlou. 2 hrs

Pot of Flames - Dancing with Candles (B,I): Temple of the Moon Goddess choreography to Ramal LaMar music. 2
hrs. Materials: glass votives

Cane (B,I): Learn to incorporate a cane into your oriental routine. 1¼ - 2 hrs.

Disco Cane Dance - Double Cane (I,A): Peppy choreography to Nejma Wam Chams from Disco Belly Dance. 3 hrs.
Materials: 1 or 2 canes

Hadouni Beledi Cane Routine (I): A great number for troupes. Fun & upbeat.  2 hrs. Materials: cane

Fans (I,A): Pleasure Houses of Zantar choreography, music: Ramal LaMar, Beautiful fans can embellish the slow part
of your show! 2 hrs. Materials: fans

The Art of Sword Dancing (A): Moves, ideas, floor work & concepts for sword. 1¼ - 2 hrs. Materials: sword with

Raks al Shamadan - Candelabrum (A): Authentic zeffa music - Great opening number, Egyptian wedding favorite! 2
hrs. Materials: Candelabrum or you can borrow mine for the class - but it is better if you have one of your own.

Hagallah for the Stage (I,A): Egyptian Bedouin wedding dance. 3 hrs. Materials:  scarf to tie around waist, staff or

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bellygrams (I,A): Includes choreography for 4 numbers-opening,
veil, drum solo and closing + detailed notebook containing music, do’s and don’ts. 4 hrs. - add $15 to “Workshops
When You Want’Em” prices.

Simply Saidi (B,I): Egyptian folklore from the Saidi region of Egypt. 1¼ - 2 hrs. Materials: cane

Saidi (Saucy & Sacred) (I,A): Same as above, except more depth with more adv. movement. Interesting and ancient  
combinations! Emphasis on improvisation.
1¼ - 3 hrs. Materials: cane

Ana Saidi Choreograpy: (I,A):  A traditionally styled Saidi choreography.  7 minutes. 3 hrs. Materials: cane

Recipe for Easy Improv (B,I): 7 easy steps that work with any 4/4 piece of music. Great for students who are shy
about improvisation!

Egyptian Raks Sharqi Technique I: (B,I): Technique for Egyptian Raks Sharqi (Oriental) including taxim movement,
hip work, traveling steps.

Aghadan al Qak (I, A): Classical Egyptian Raks Sharqi choreography, 7 minutes. 3 hrs.

Beledi: (B,I,A): Beautiful and wonderful Beledi - authentic Egyptian dance geared to the intermediate and advanced
level dancer.

Nasi Hawana: (I,A): A fun and upbeat authentic Egyptian beledi dance routine. 7 minutes. 2-3 hrs.

Tabla Drum Solo: (I,A): Egyptian beledi drum solo! 4 minutes. 2-3 hrs.

Bint al Hijaz: (A):  Egyptian Raqs Sharqi routine which includes Saidi and beledi taqsim sections. 3 hrs.

Costuming Workshop #1: Cabaret Costumes, Make-Up Bag Contents, Detailed costume handout. 2 hrs.

Costuming Workshop #2: Costume Accessories - headpieces, jewelry, gauntlets. How to Put on Make-Up for Dance!
20 Page Costume handout. 2 hrs.

Teacher Warm-Up/Cool-Down Class:  Designed for teachers or anyone who wants to learn proper, effective, safe
stretching, warm-up and cool-down techniques. 1¼ hrs.

Tribelle Chic Stages  1-7: Learn this interactive American Tribal style developed by Miramar.  1¼ - 3hrs.


Bring Miramar to your Hometown!

Please E-mail for reasonable seminar instruction and performance fees.


Miramar is available to perform at family parties, birthday parties, retirement dinners, anniversaries, weddings,
corporate functions, women’s groups, festivals and picnics.

DIRECTIONS TO MIRAMAR’S DANSE ARABESQUE:  Please e-mail for directions to my various studios.
The Daily Special
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2 hrs. - $70

Semi-Private:   2 students
1 ¼ hrs.- $30 each
2 hrs. - $50 each

3 students
1 ¼ hrs. - $20 each
2 hrs. - $40 each

4  or more
1 ¼ hrs. - $15 each
2 hrs. - $30 each
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